In Paris in 1982, Mickael Zieben aka Mike Z. grew up in the Caribbean islands of FWI. He comes from a family rooted in the local music scene.Supported by his step father, a former professional bassist and his musical brothers, he learned classical piano from age five through seventeen.A keen sports enthusiast, he made tennis table his passion for some years. Arriving at High School, he continues his piano lessons, with a more modern harmonic approach. Travelling throughout the USA & Europe only helped to further improve his grasp on the different cultures, opening his eyes to an eclectic music form.

He started enjoying R&B music, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop and Movie Scores since being a teenager.His IT studies took him to Paris, where he started composing and producing, inspired by his own experiences and “The way the world turns daily”.He helped many emerging french artists be recognized in the local music industry, by producing and releasing 2000 copies of Tropical Horizon, a successful caribbean album in 2007.Then the single “Ma plus belle page”, recorded in 2009 at the Capitol Studios ( Paris ), was very well received by the audience.




To have AMBITION is to have a strong desire to do or achieve something,typically requiring determination and hard work

That’s what this artist is all about,and how he earned the name “Ambition”.

Early in his career, his drive and determination landed him a deal with Blue Star Records/Atlantics Records as the lead singer of the platinum selling R&B Group Pretty Ricky where he was known as 4play.


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